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Review: The Eve Trilogy

Hello, and welcome to another review. Today I’m going to be reviewing Anna Carey’s trilogy, Eve.

Eve is a dystopia trilogy centred around a girl named Eve. Eve is a teenager who is going into her senior year in the schools, when she is rushed out when she finds out what happens to the senior girls. They are forced to become pregnant so that they can repopulate the New America. The King is in search of Eve so she must flee to save herself. Eve has been sheltered her whole life in the school that she has no idea how to survive in the wilderness. She makes friends with her worst enemy, Arden, and ends up falling in love with a boy named Caleb, even though school told her boys were bad.  Throughout the novels, it’s Eve’s fight towards creating a better America then the one the King has set out for them. The King has corrupted, killed and done evil things that Eve plans to stop, all with a bullet. The novels are definitely an exhilarating  read with its fast-paced adventures, and emotional romance stories.


Eve By: Anna Carey: The first novel in the Eve series. Eve is a teenager who has been sheltered by the School pretty much her entire life. In her world there are no boys, only the King. One day Eve sees where the graduates are held and is frightened that she may become just like them. She runs away, in the process she finds another girl she went to school with, Arden, and a group of boys. They help her to get where she’s trying to go. It’s an adventurous novel filled with ups and downs, highs and lows. One of the lows is Eve finding out the King is after her so she can carrier his heir. This motivates Eve to run away faster and farther. She also learns the meaning of love, not only by loving Arden, but falling in love with a boy named Caleb. As much as it is adventurous, it’s romantic. The novel paints a picture of love in the hardest of times. There is nothing sweet in this novel, but it’s still a good novel. The plot, once it really gets going the reader can’t stop reading. As much as the main character, Eve, is ignorant, she isn’t made stupid and annoying, she’s pleasant to read. Overall, it’s a good first novel, things are set up well for the next, and it looks like it will continue to get better.


Once by: Anna Carey: The second novel in Eve’s trilogy. Eve has run away from her school and spent time out in the wilderness. But now she has been found and dragged back, only to be sent to the City of Sand. The City of Sand is a rich place, and a place of the New America. Eve learns that she is the Princess of this city, and that the king has other agendas for her, not the ones she originally thought. Eve has to figure out a plan to get out of the city to save the people she has left behind, only it’s not so easy with the King and his soldiers around all the time. The novel definitely had a lot of high points, and the plot was really thrilling to read. The reader got attached to the characters because the author made them so loveable, and relatable. The novel is so fast-paced you don’t want to stop reading, it ends and the reader just craves more. This novel was definitely better than the first, and an amazing follow up. Overall, great plot, great characters, everything really worked out and there was a little bit of everything there for the reader; some romance, adventure, and of course rebellion.


Rise by: Anna Carey: The third and final novel in the Eve trilogy. Eve has lost the love of her life, Caleb, and she is now forced to play the happy princess of the New America, only her whole life is a lie. Finishing what Caleb set out to do she secretly works with one of her father’s advisors, Moss, to assassinate him. Things get tricky along the way, which enhances the plot quite a bit making the final novel an epic read. The reader has no idea if any of the characters will survive. Eve has to make tough choices on who she should leave behind in order to make things right. It’s a novel of right and wrong, and a novel of survival. The author does a great job of creating a little place where a world needs to be saved. The author leaves the reader with a beautiful surprise and it’s definitely for the readers because the main characters’ love has to continue even after the trilogy is over. Overall, this novel summed everything up well, the plot was infectious to read, and the characters grew from the start of these novels to the end.



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