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Review: Vanishing Girls

Hey all, today I will be reviewing the novel Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver!

I seriously really liked this novel. It kept me on my toes, and I just loved reading it. I personally love when authors use lots of details to give their characters depth, this novel had a lot of that, which I really enjoyed.

At first I thought I had this novel all figured out. It felt similar to something I’ve read before, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I could feel the connection. A tragic accident happens and someone dies. Only in this novel the character doesn’t die, not exactly. It was a whirlwind of a novel that felt like a giant jigsaw puzzle, and as the reader got closer and closer to the end the final pieces started to fall into place and before it was all over the reader felt like they were in on a little secret having figured it out. I really liked the novel, I encourage others who are a fan of mystery to pursue this novel because it was really well crafted!

Vanishing Girls
Vanishing Girls

Vanishing Girls by: Lauren Oliver: Nick and Dara are sisters who were once inseparable until things changed. An accident happens in late March, and since that accident life has become total chaos. Their parents get divorced and things between Nick and Dara become estranged. Dara vanishes on her birthday, while another little girl, Madeline Snow, has gone missing too. As Nick tries to figure out what has happened to her sister, she starts to think the two cases are connected. It’s a novel full of mystery and suspense. The plot was phenomenal; the author added her own twist on plot that has been done before. The plot with the little girl added to the story; without that storyline the novel wouldn’t be as strong, and worth reading as it was. The characters were fully rounded; the author gave these characters strong and detailed backgrounds. Half the novel was flashbacks, since some chapters were before the accident, and half were after it; that really helped the novel’s exposition. Overall, this novel has the art of being well written and thought out, it’s definitely worth a read.


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