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The Curse Workers Trilogy

Hello, and welcome to another review. Today I’m reviewing a trilogy called the Curse Workers by Holly Black.

I’m going to give some back story into the novels because I feel like in my reviews I didn’t really get into it. So to give you the reader more of an idea as to what this trilogy is about, it’s based around this guy named Cassel Sharpe. He’s the youngest in his family, and he thinks he’s normal and that he has no magic, but what he really finds out is that he has the most powerful, and rare kind of magic. Curse workers are people who, have magic, that’s the best way I can describe it. So for example there are emotional workers, death workers, and many more. They can use their magic, or work someone as they call in it the novel, just by touching them with their hands. It’s illegal to use this magic so they must wear gloves at all times. But of course there are the mobsters and con artists who use their magic for bad, that’s where Cassel, his magic, and his family come into play in these novels.

I hope this gave you guys a helpful overview because now I’m going to get into my review of the three novels. They were all really good, and I encourage anyone who’s into the supernatural, fantasy, mystery, suspense, and even romance to read it. It really touches on all these genres and I just thought it was a great trilogy that has been underlooked. (I’m saying it, this was waay better than the Divergent trilogy, I would have preferred to see this as a film)

White Cat
White Cat

White Cat by: Holly Black: The first novel in the Curse Workers trilogy. Cassel comes from a family of Workers, people who can change your memories, emotions, and your luck. Doing these things is considered illegal so he’s part of a family of criminals. Cassel learns the real truth about himself because for the longest time he thought to have no magic, and to have killed his best friend Lila. It takes elaborate planning to make things somewhat right, but what can ever be right being part of the mob? The novel was great; the plot was engaging and entertaining. The reader always wanted to know what was going to happen. It definitely felt dark and gloomy, which also played a role in wanting to read more. The characters were dark as well, which gave the novel some edge. The author took a concept that has been done before and mixed it up to give it an original spin that was really refreshing. Overall, this novel is definitely worth reading for it’s supernatural and darker side, it’s definitely something a little different.

Red Glove
Red Glove

Red Glove by: Holly Black: The second novel in the Curse Workers trilogy. Things just don’t look up for Cassel Sharpe. Someone has murdered his older brother, Philip, and all the Feds have is that it was a woman wearing red gloves. The Feds want Cassel to help them figure out who the killer is, thinking that he has information. While on the other hand the biggest mobster wants Cassel to work for him. Trying to work for both, all while trying to stay away from the mobster’s daughter has got him beat, but Cassel finds a way to stay on top, even if the blowback is bad. The novel continues to have the same storytelling that captured the readers the first novel had. It had more intertwined plots, and a lot more drama to keep the reader wanting to read more. Now the reader is familiar with all the characters, they are starting to grow and develop quirks. This novel was just as good and suspenseful, if not more so than the first. Our attention is officially peaked, and ready to find out how the author will pull off an ending to an exciting read on these curse workers.

Black Heart
Black Heart

Black Heart by: Holly Black: The third and final novel in the Curse Workers trilogy. At first it doesn’t feel like this is the end until the reader gets to the very last page of the novel, in which it has a nice off into the sunset ending. But in this novel Cassel has gotten himself in some serious trouble dealing with some very powerful con artists. He gets involved with them to go behind their back to do things for his own personal gain. Things take a drastic turn and look like they may not turn out so well. This plotline, the major one, is very intense and gripping to read. The reader just has to keep turning the page to find out how it will all go down. The romance plotlines are written just as well as the action ones. The love stories that make up this novel really work and enhance the action. It gives the reader a bit of a break between everything that happens. Plus they aren’t mushy love scenes either, which makes it even better to read. The characters aren’t super annoying. The main character Cassel is on the border of being obnoxious with how he’s always trying, or is supposed to come off as cool. But the rest of the characters all fit into Cassel’s life in the way they interact with him; and none were unreadable characters. Overall, this novel brings one last story in Cassel Sharpe’s world, and it was just as good as the first two.


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