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So they say Degrassi is over…

Degrassi The Next Generation
Degrassi The Next Generation

If you’re Canadian you know the hit teen drama Degrassi, and I don’t believe you if you say that you don’t, because even if you want to admit it or not, every Canadian knows Degrassi.

TeenNick announced yesterday that the teen drama is finally coming to an end after 14 years.

But is it really? This is what it must have felt like in 1991 when Degrassi High ended. I feel like in five to ten years another Degrassi will be brought back. I feel like they can’t let the Degrassi name end.

Let’s go back a minute, the Degrassi name has been around since the late 1970s if you can believe it. Starting out with the Kids of Degrassi Street in 1979. It ran until 1986 as four short movies airing every year. From those short films it was turned into an after school TV show on CBC.

Kids Of Degrassi Street
Kids Of Degrassi Street

In 1987 Degrassi was brought back as Degrassi Junior High, which turned into Degrassi High in 1989 as the characters moved into high school.

Degrassi Junior High
Degrassi Junior High
Degrassi High
Degrassi High

10 years later in 2001, Degrassi The Next Generation was started. And this is the Degrassi that has graced our TVs for the past 14 years. If I’m being honest here I was wondering when it would end, like every year a new batch of grade nines would be introduced and really the show could go on forever. I’m kind of glad that they’re ending it. I feel the Degrassi name needs a break for a little while. I’m sure when I have kids there will be a new set of Degrassi kids who they will love to watch. I’m also sure that when they do come back it will be some else’s kid from a previous Degrassi they use as a main character, because it’s very Degrassi to do this, Emma anyone?

But really, I think Degrassi has been a great show for teens, more so in the past than in recent years because it really got to the heart of issues that real teens faced. Degrassi Junior High/High did a great job of tackling hard issues like suicide, pregnancy, sex, abortions, and drugs. But the show also did a great job of the not so hard issues that every single teen has gone through, puberty and how to deal with your body as it changes. The show now focuses more on the drama aspect of life, sure issues are thrown into the mix but the drama has really hyped up between 2001 to 2015, but I’ll admit it’s still a guilty pleasure of mine to watch, even years after puberty and teen life.

Wheelchair Jimmy
Wheelchair Jimmy

I can’t forget to mention that Degrassi gave us Drake, who could forget wheelchair Jimmy? Degrassi is also where most Canadian stars got their start, for example Nina Dobrev, and Shanae Grimes. I know friends who have joked about being on Degrassi to get their five minutes of fame; it’s to some a Canadian’s dream.

But Degrassi as much as it has loyal fans, it also has loyal haters. I feel like I don’t know any other show that has equal support and hate. It’s truly amazing.

I found this photo I really needed to add to the blog because it’s so cute, season 1 of Degrassi TNG:

Degrassi TNG
Degrassi TNG

So I’m going to send off Degrassi the Next Generation, and I know that this won’t be the end for this establishment because really, it’s Degrassi we’re talking about here.


‘Degrassi’ Ending This Summer After 14 Seasons

The Kids of Degrassi Street:

Degrassi High:

Degrassi Junior High:


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