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Review: Teardrop & Waterfall

Hi there! I’ve got some new teen fiction to talk about. Lauren Kate known for her Fallen series has come back to give her readers a new story to fall in love with, Teardrop, and the follow up sequel, Waterfall.

It’s definitely something a little different from Fallen, but it’s still something worth checking out if you’re into fantasy! So let’s get into this.

I really enjoyed these two novels. It took a while to get into the story, but once you do, you’ll find it’s hard not to love it. I think they were really well done, I hope others really enjoy them as well.



Teardrop by: Lauren Kate: Eureka, a teenager who has lost her mother, is our main character. The story spends a lot of time describing how sad her life is, that at one point the reader just finds the story quite depressing. As the reader moves through the novel, they find out that supernatural powers are at work here. Eureka finds out more and more about her mother from the things she left behind for her, a letter that needs to be translated, a necklace that doesn’t open, and a stone that doesn’t get wet. All of these are clues into the person Eureka is, as she finds out. A whole new world has opened up once she has let herself cry and feel emotions, one where creatures called Seedbearers are after her, and she has to rescue her friend Brooks from a powerful plague. The plot was original and easy to read. The details the author provided helped to really visualize the story. The characters were all right. They were a little boring, and annoying to read, the teenage characters always felt like they were whining, and the adult characters just seemed flat. But the plot was really well thought out so it made up for the characters. Overall, it was an intriguing first novel.



Waterfall by: Lauren Kate: The sequel to the novel Teardrop. Eureka has created a storm with her tears. After not crying for almost a decade, she releases a wrath of tears. Now it’s up to her to fix what she’s created. The world of Atlantis has woken up due to her tears, and all the evil that is surrounding that. Eureka has to learn the hard way what she must do in order to save the last remaining of her family and friends, even if that means giving up everything. The novel is a complete fantasy of a world ruled by witches, sorcerers and seedbearers. It all makes for a very interesting and riveting read. From start to finish Eureka’s story is original and filled with magic and wonder. The reader has no idea what will happen, and the characters have developed since the first novel and aren’t as whiney and boring as they started out to be. This second novel is definitely a step above the first in plot and character development. Everything moved a lot better; the author had more room to set up plots compared to the first novel where everything had to be explained. Overall, fast-paced, and action packed, with a little romance tucked in there made for a great novel.



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