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Review: Jack Strify- Illusion

If you’re a fan of Cinema Bizarre, the wait is finally over.

I am a fan, or well I should probably say I was a fan, the band have long since broken up and I know the band members have all done other projects, and over time I’ve forgotten about them. Doesn’t that always seem to be the way with bands you like when you’re a teenager? It was sure the way for me.

Here comes my review of the ex-lead singer’s breakout album.


Jack Strify- Illusion: The first record from ex-Cinema Bizarre member Jack Strify. If you are a past Cinema Bizarre fan you can guess what this album has in store. This album is loaded with glitz, glam, and a lot of pop music. The opening track Hearts Are Digital has a very Cinema Bizarre feel to it, it sounds like a leftover song. Most past that song and you’ve broken out into the 80s it feels. Burn/Fear has metaphorical lyrics, but lacks when it comes to the chorus. It’s a great song, that feels somewhat electric, but the chorus kills the song. Just an Illusion is glam pop song with its catchy hooks and lyrics that get stuck in your head. Lovers When It’s Cold is the closest thing to a ballad this album gets, mind you Glory is pretty close with its slow synths, and capturing lyrics where Strify is singing heartfeltly to ‘pour your glory on me.’ Lovers When It’s Cold is a cry out to a loved one and Strify has gotten the beat just right for this song, it sounds very original. Face to Face sounds like it stepped out of the 80s with its poppy hooks, and strange beats that enhance the song. Metropolis is the same with its 80s vibe, and strong pop and electric sounds. The whole album is full of fun, refreshing sounds, although the majority of the album is about a love gone wrong, some songs are just so upbeat it’s hard to think they’re about a break up. Overall, this album is definitely worth a listen if you’re a Cinema Bizarre fan, a fan of pop, and a fan of the 80s. Jack Strify has definitely done a fabulous job creating this masterpiece.

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