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Review: Seraphina & Shadow Scale

I’ve been MIA again… I know, this blog was supposed to come out a few days ago, but I’ve been on a lazy strike again. I’m pulling myself out of it by posting this blog.

I really loved Seraphina, it was a great dragon novel and kept be wildly entertained, the second part Shadow Scale… ehhh, let’s get into this.

I read Seraphina a year ago, and I just finished reading Shadow Scale the other day so that may have an effect on my view of the second novel, but I don’t know it wasn’t as entertaining, and it was super longggg, I kept getting lost and trying to figure out what was happening.

Here are my reviews:


Seraphina by: Rachel Hartman: It’s a murder mystery… with dragons. The story of Seraphina, who was brought up in a world where she’s to think that dragons are monsters when one day the Prince is killed, and it looks to be the doing of a dragon. Seraphina is asked to help solve the murder only to discover the dragons aren’t done yet. But it turns out the dragons are there for more than Seraphina knows until she figures it out. It’s an intriguing story that captures readers with the author’s imaginative storytelling and remarkable characters. Though the plotline gets a little boring throughout the story, the ending leaves you wanting more. The novel is for those who are intrigued by dragons and fantasy otherwise it may be hard to follow along and like.

Shadow Scale
Shadow Scale

Shadow Scale by: Rachel Hartman: The sequel to Seraphina, is the tale of Seraphina, a half-human, half-dragon. She is on a mission to unite kingdoms and by doing so she has to gather all the half-human, half-dragons together. This turns out to be a lot harder than she has anticipated. Jannoula is a half-dragon as well but she can get into people’s minds and she’s creating it very difficult for Seraphina to unite everyone. The novel is very adventurous, and the plot is very engaging. The reader just wants to keep reading to find out how it will all end. It’s a cute ending, and should be read if you’ve started, or have read Seraphina. It’s a great continuation to the story, and brings everything to a beautiful conclusion. Overall, a great plot, with great characters, and great dragons. 


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