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Review: The Soul Seekers Series

That sounds like a tongue twister! I currently just finished reading this series. I don’t know why I bothered with it, I also don’t know why I bothered to buy it! Normally I get everything from the library, but for some strange reason, this series I purchased. Shame on me.

I’m not a big fan of Alyson Noel’s writing. There is just something about it that just bothers me. Everything feels super cheesy, and unrealistic, and I know her novels deal with the supernatural, and other worldly type themes and characters, they still seem so unrealistic. Here is my review on the four novels in the series.


Fated by: Alyson Noel: The first book in the Soul Seekers series. Here we meet our characters, some are loveable, and some you learn to love to hate. The main character Daire thinks she’s just an ordinary girl, when she starts to see things. She tries really hard to run away from it all, but when her long lost grandmother comes to her to teach her the ways of being a Seeker, it is up to her to set the souls of Enchantment free. The novel had a good plot line that kept the reader reading, it was full of suspense of what is Daire and is she going to do what she needs to, to save her grandmother. This novel hints to things that will happen in the next, so the story is far from being over. A new fight is to be fought between two twins, an evil one, and a good one. But for now good has won. Overall, it was a great first novel into what the series is about.


Echo by: Alyson Noel: The second book in the Soul Seekers series. It’s still a fight between good and evil. The evil twin verses the good one. Daire and Dace are trying to break what the prophecy said would come true because one of them must die in order for it to come true, and those two love birds don’t want that to happen. It ends in both of them going after Cade, the evil twin, but who wins? It’s a mystery since it’s left on a cliffhanger. This novel gives the perspective of not only Daire, but Dace too. That gave the novel some depth, and added to the plotline so the reader knew what was going on in each person’s head. The plot overall was well thought out, it wasn’t boring, but you can tell the author is stretching it out for another book by leaving it at a cliffhanger. The characters are believable and well rounded, and that’s what makes some of them incredibly annoying, or extremely predictable. Overall, it was a good second novel.


Mystic by: Alyson Noel: The story of Daire and Dace continue in the third novel in the Soul Seekers series. Dace has been captured by his evil twin Cade and held in another world. It’s up to Daire to find him, return him home, and help return his soul back to him. Only complications arise, Phyre and her father are dead set on killing Cade; Daire must stop this because whatever happens to Cade, will happen to Dace. It’s an adventurous novel that takes twists and turns before ending with more to the story to be revealed in the next novel. The plot was good and kept the reader reading, the characters lacked though. They were predictable, and they haven’t developed much since the first novel. Overall, it’s all right novel, hopefully the last novel will be better. 


Horizon by: Alyson Noel: The fourth and final novel in the Soul Seekers series. Although, it doesn’t feel like it’s the last novel, and maybe another novel will appear. The novel starts in the middle of the conflict; Daire and her friends have to take down the bad guys. Her boyfriend Dace has been taken over by the beast and it’s up to her to try to destroy the beast without destroying him. Obviously there is conflict between if she can do it or not, is her love enough. Plus other conflicts being other worlds are in danger of the bad guys. The novel starts off really slow and boring, as the reader gets through the middle it gets pretty good, but the ending is cheesy and disappointing. Everything ends too perfect; the characters are too righteous and all knowing for teenagers. Overall, it’s a pathetic ending to a mediocre series.


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