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Review: The Maine- American Candy

So this came out just over a week ago. I’ve been listening to it non-stop since. I find, and I’m so very biased about this because I just love The Maine, but this album is good for anything. I’ve worked out to it, I’ve driven with the windows down to it, I’ve even cleaned to it, it’s just so perfect.

Are you ready for the review?

American Candy
American Candy

American Candy – The Maine: The Maine’s fifth studio album, and it’s all you would expect from The Maine and more. This album comes out just in time because summer is just around the corner and this album is a summer album. Miles Away is the first song off the record, and it gets you hyped for what the album is going to be. It makes you feel alive, and it’s breezy with its guitar riffs. My Hair is a funny, yet simplistic and metaphorical song. The melody is relaxing, and soothing, it’s hard not to bob your head to this song. English Girls, the first single off this record, and it’s very catchy. The guitar riffs soar, and John O’Callaghan’s voice just croons. 24 Floors is a raw song about trying to get through tough times. Diet Soda Society has the same riff as the One Direction song ‘I Wish’ in a different key. But as the song continues it veers away from One Direction sound and into a more alterative sound with drums and guitars, and a bass. The album ends on Another Night on Mars, which is clunky and piano driven and just a fun song all around where they thank their friends. Gang vocals, and jangly keys on the piano make up the song. It sounds like it could be placed on a Never Shout Never record. It sounds somewhat out of place on this record, but makes for one hell of an ending. Overall, this is just another masterpiece from The Maine who continue to outdo themselves each and every time.

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