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Review: Gone Girl

I have very strong opinions about this novel. My first thought after reading it was “what the holy hell was that?” No seriously it’s a fucked-up novel. I have no other way of describing it. I had to try really hard not to swear in my review of the novel, because I have no idea how I got to the end of it.

I really, really, really, want to hear from you if you’ve read this novel. I want to know what you thought of the characters, the plot, just anything!

Just be warned, there are spoilers if you read more of this review…

Me? I thought it was a shitstorm of a novel. Like who does those things? Just because you realize that other people don’t find you perfect you have to create these elaborate schemes to torture their lives. It makes me wonder, there are probably those kinds of people out there right? That’s a very scary thought. I thought the author was very creative to come up with these characters, but I hate her characters and I probably won’t read another of her novels just because she creates characters I’d rather not read about.

Gone Girl
Gone Girl

Gone Girl by: Gillian Flynn: It’s Nick and Amy’s fifth wedding anniversary, when something goes terribly, terribly wrong. Amy has gone missing. Obviously the cops turn to the husband first. Nick has to jump threw loopholes to claim his innocence, but the case keeps looking worse and worse for him. Everyone thinks he’s killed his wife, while Amy has staged the whole thing. Elaborately planned, when she runs out of options there’s only one thing she’s known best for; lying. A complete psychopath the reader doesn’t know who is more messed up, Nick or Amy. Nick has the inability to show emotion, and hates emotional women so he comes off as a douche, but Amy is a total piece of work. The author has spent a lot of time creating characters you’re supposed to hate. The plot never stays inconsistent. One thing after another keeps happening so it seems never ending. Even the ending wasn’t that great. The reader gets there, and get’s this “that’s it?” feeling. Overall, it kept the reader guessing from first word to last, but the characters were just so unlikable it was almost frustrating to read. It’s a novel that you’ll love to hate.


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