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Review: All The Bright Places

Hi! I know I’ve been very M.I.A these past couple days. I don’t really have an excuse for it other than I’ve been really lazy. It’s amazing I’ve gotten anything done in the past week or so because of how lazy I’ve felt. But enough about me because I know how boring that is, more on the novel.

I have been reading during my lazy period! I have quite a number of things I need to update and blog and review so get ready!

So for the novel, All The Bright Places by: Jennifer Niven, my first initial reaction was whatever, another teen novel, but as I kept reading it, it got better and better, and that’s what I love about novels. They have the capacity to start off slow like a river, and end like a tidal wave. It’s amazing to see things unfold that way, this novel definitely did this. As I mention in the review below, it is definitely a novel to check out.

All The Bright Places
All The Bright Places

All The Bright Places by: Jennifer Niven: Violet has had a tough few months; she lost her sister to a car accident. Finch has had a rough few years, constantly labeled a freak and made fun of, not to mention abused by his father. When the two meet in the Bell Tower who saves who? That day it seemed Finch saved Violet, taught her how to move on, taught her how to live again, to be the person she wants to be. Violet saved Finch with her love, the two of them falling hopelessly in love. The novel deals with the serious issue of suicide, and not just what a person who’s feeling depressed feels like when they contemplate suicide, obviously that’s talked about. What makes this novel unique is it deals with the aftermath, and the effects a suicide has on the people left behind. Suicide doesn’t just effect one person and the author did a great job of portraying that through the characters who were so passionate, bold and very out-spoken. The novel takes a journey through the state of Indiana where the two find all the beautiful, and quirky places it has to offer. Overall, this novel was very well crafted and kept the reader interested with all it’s unusual places, and unpredictable characters. It’s definitely worthy of reading.


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