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Review: All Fall Down

I know I recently read a novel by the same title, but this one was hands down one hell of a lot better. I haven’t read a novel like this in quite some time. A novel that makes you angry, it makes you sad, it makes you feel bad for the characters, you feel happy. The amount of emotions you go through in this novel is incredible. This novel is definitely worth reading.

All Fall Down
All Fall Down

All Fall Down by: Megan Hart: Sunny is a young girl who has lived at the Sanctuary her whole life raising her three children. One night her mother instructs her to leave the Sanctuary to seek out her biological father. Liesel is a lonely woman, who wants children, but it never happens, until one day a young girl and her three children show up on her door. Liesel and her husband Chris (Sunny’s biological father) help raise the small children, but also Sunny. She was so sheltered in the Sanctuary that she has no idea how to do many things. It’s one hell of a novel. The reader is taken through twists and turns. Some of the things people won’t agree upon, it’s a very controversial novel dealing with cults. But Hart does a good job of describing the cult and trying to really get both sides of the story. With realistic characters the reader can see where a person like Liesel is coming from, because most would identify with her, but Hart does a fantastic job with Sunny’s character. She’s so believable and true that it makes the reader see her side, and where she comes from. Overall, as much as this novel is controversial, it’s a novel that should be read for its prose, for its attention to detail, and for its characters that make the plot.


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