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Review: No Place to Fall

Another book from my Goodreads challenge. This novel was an interesting novel. It sure wasn’t my favourite novel, but I can tell why it was worth a mention. It’s got all the right things to make it a good novel, so maybe it will become your next favourite novel!

No Place to Fall
No Place to Fall

No Place to Fall by: Jaye Robin Brown: Amber Vaughn lives in a small town called Sevenmile. All she wants to do is escape the town, leave and start over somewhere else. Her dream is to go to an art school in the city for music. She’s a singer, and she wants to sing. When she makes a big mistake by stealing pills it ruins all her plans, but it also puts into perspective what is important to her. The plot was good with mystery to keep he reader guessing what will happen next. The main character Amber comes off as a bit of a slut in the beginning, but as the reader gets more depth into the type of person she is, you come to realize she’s not; she’s a girl who is lost and needs to be found. The author chose to write with a lot of detail, and at times purple prose, which really added to the novel, helping the reader really visualize what is happening. Overall, it was a well-written novel, but the smalltown storyline might turn readers off.


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