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Review: Eleanor & Park and Fangirl

I thought I’d do a two in one sort of blog for these books. It’s interesting because my views on them are vastly different. Eleanor & Park was okay to me, while I completely loved Fangirl with a passion.

I also just want to add that before I start my reviews that for Fangirl there was a note in the library book expressing how the person who read it before me spent three days reading it and hated every second of it. According to her (she even left her email lol) there was no rising action, or expedition. But sometimes novels don’t need the biggest of climaxes for it to be a good novel (as you’ll see in my review) I loved it and it had all the right elements for being a great novel. Also the girl wasn’t happy with how the author ended the novel. But it felt satisfying. I don’t need to follow these characters around for the rest of my life, the way it ended was peaceful.

Okay my little rant about this note is over: reviews.

Eleanor & Park
Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park by: Rainbow Rowell: It’s the year 1986 and Eleanor is new in town. Her home life sucks, and kids at school aren’t any better. Park is the only Asian kid in their town and everybody knows he’s different. When their worlds collide one day on the school bus it’s like they can’t live without each other. The novel is a cute love story between the two teens. Although their relationship is rocky, they preserver, and have to make scarifies for their love. The plot wasn’t original, but the way Rowell executed the novel is what made it different. Some characters were new and fresh, while others were stale and boring, for example the angry stepfather, evil step parents, and especially evil men, have been done time and time again. It’s still worth reading if you’re in the mood for a romance novel.



Fangirl by: Rainbow Rowell: Cather and Wren are twins, it’s their first year in college and the two of them start to live separate lives. Cath stays in her dorm room writing fanfiction and being a homebody, while Wren is a party girl going out all the time and getting drunk. It isn’t until one night that a party goes disastrously wrong that it brings the two back together, and puts their lives into perspective. Sure it was a subtle plot, but it was still a meaningful novel. It was a coming of age novel, and stepping out of your comfort zones. There was a lot on fanfiction writing, and the subculture that is fanfiction. The author does a great job of portraying what it is, and having a character that is immersed in it. The character development in this novel was written so well and executed beautifully. The novel’s prose was also really well done. And of course a little romance had to be thrown in for good measure, but it wove itself nicely with the plot. Overall, it was a brilliantly crafted novel, from start to finish. If you’re a writer you can really appreciate the art that this novel is.


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