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February in Pictures

I took some photos this month… not as many as I had hoped to. I’m working on a challenge for the month of March so hopefully there will be more to show. But for now I want to showcase my photos of the month!

Most of these are from my Instagram account, but I still want to show them!

My brother and I had a lot of fun playing with bubbles.


Popcorn from the Toronto Popcorn Company
Popcorn from the Toronto Popcorn Company
On my travels to Kensington Market in Toronto, I stopped by and they make amazing popcorn!

Vanilla Dip Donut
Vanilla Dip Donut
I have an obsession with these! They are so pretty and so good!

Heart Pizza
Heart Pizza
Heart-shaped pizza anyone? It was perfect for Valentine’s Day!
Toronto vs. Montreal
It’s always a debate in my house. I didn’t realize I took a video, but it looks cool!

Keep Breathing
Keep Breathing
Alternative Press magazine keeping life in perspective.

I'm going to see The Maine
I’m going to see The Maine
Officially May 2! I’m excited and it looks like the band are too since they retweeted my tweet, later followed by 30+ people favoriting it!

Endless Weekend
Endless Weekend
Wishing life was an endless weekend with this lotion!

I'm in Print!
I’m in Print!
Being an intern at Canadian Living magazine has been a rewarding experience!



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