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Review: Mothers & Daughters

I received this novel from my dad for Christmas this past year. It’s taken me almost, if not, two months to get around to reading it. Now that I’ve finally gotten to it I thought it was an interesting novel, but more in my review of it.

Can I just add and say that it takes me forever to get around to reading books I own rather than books I get from the library. Anyway’s here’s the review!

Mothers & Daughters
Mothers & Daughters

Mothers & Daughters by: Rae Meadows: Three women, three different lives, three different generations, but yet all connected. Samantha is a new mom who is trying to get her life back after having her baby Ella. Iris is an old women dying of cancer, and Violet is an eleven-year-old girl living in the year 1900, where she’s trying to survive, but her mother can’t afford to raise her. All three women are mothers, and as the novel progresses you come to learn that they aren’t perfect moms. As one after another each woman becomes a mother, they start to forgive their mother, and they understand what it really means to be a mom. It’s a nice sweet novel. Add in the fact that they are all connected and related somehow, gives the novel a plot. The plot is interesting as you find out about the characters and what keeps them together throughout a century. The writing was also very well written with purple prose to keep the novel flowing. Overall, it was a sweet and charming little novel.


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