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Review: Princess of Thorns

Recommended by Goodreads comes this novel. I get email updates all the time from the site since I’m a user, and just recently I thought it would be fun to read all the books they recommend in the emails. I love to read (as this blog no doubt emphasizes) and I love to read just about anything, trust me I’ve read some really shitty books all the way to the end to find out what happens. I will read anything in front of me, so I challenged myself why not. This is one of the first…

Prince of Thorns
Prince of Thorns

Princess of Thorns by: Stacey Jay: There once lived a princess who was cursed. There once lived a prince who was cursed. Who would have thought their lives would collide. Aurora is a princess to the fairies, cursed to never have a man truly love her. The queen has kidnapped her brother, and Aurora must set out to save him. Niklaas is a prince who has been cursed, like all 11 brothers before him, to turn into a swan on his 18th birthday so he won’t be able to rule the kingdom. The two worlds collide, and as the novel continues they help each other out along the way. The novel is cute, it’s funny, it’s confusing, and it’s adventurous. The plots, and subplots were for the most part alright, at times there are quite a few things going on the reader has to really catch up. The author pays a lot of detail to character development, which is nice. The characters had more than one side to them, and even though it isn’t a series, the characters grew as if they were in one. Overall, plot lacked, while characters really ruled.


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