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Review: Vampire Academy

If you’ve been craving a vampire read, this will do the trick. These novels are just so fun to read, Richelle Mead, I find is just a talented writer who can do no wrong to me. I hope you enjoy these novels as much as I do. I just have to say that this series is really well done, not my favourite series by her, but it comes in close second!

Book One 

Vampire Academy
Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy: The first novel in the Vampire Academy series. It’s not that great a start to a series. It was very disappointing for a Richelle Mead novel. The reader is thrown into a world they know nothing about, and it takes 50-60 pages for Mead to describe who these supernatural creatures are, and even then, the reader is still confused because the terms are just thrown around. We meet our main character Rose who is training to be a guardian to her best friend Lissa, a mortal vampire or moroi. They ran away from the Academy, only to be brought back, and that’s when all hell breaks lose causing Lissa to be kidnapped. It’s a fast read, and the concept and plotline is very interesting, but the way it was written, not the best. Even jumping from past to present the reader gets lost because there is so indicator that tenses are shifting. Overall, it’s a satisfactory novel.

Book Two 


Frostbite: The second novel in the Vampire Academy series. Like most novels, this novel picks up where the first left off. Our main character Rose is still training to become a guardian, and in this novel her skills are put to the test. When she gets abducted by the Strigoi, non-living vampires, she has to fight her way with a few others who have been abducted as well from her school. Meanwhile there is a romantic plotline between Rose and many boys that makes the novel even more interesting; it’s like gossip how entertaining it can be. The whole novel as a whole was well thought out, even though the main character was somewhat annoying and whiny throughout this novel. The reader still craves more as the end leaves it open for more drama to continue.

Book Three 

Shadow Kiss
Shadow Kiss

Shadow Kiss: The third novel in the Vampire Academy series. This novel takes turns no one sees coming. The novel starts off real slow and it’s almost as if it’s all filler and set up for what is to come. It’s a little tedious and boring to get through, but once you get past it and to the meat and potatoes of this novel it is all worth it. There has been a Strigoi attack at the school that sends everyone into a panic, and shit gets real. A budding romance between Rose and her teacher/mentor Dimitri continues to grow, but soon crashes causing heartache on the readers because the love story between the two isn’t as creepy as it sounds. Rose learns a lot about herself in this novel and she grows as a character; Mead really pushes character development throughout these novels, which makes each novel better than the one before. The plotlines generally stay the same, but still are entertaining. Overall, the reader just can’t wait to read what’s in store next for Rose Hathaway.

Book Four 

Blood Promise
Blood Promise

Blood Promise: The fourth novel in the Vampire Academy series. In this novel Rose is away from school, more like she dropped out to go on a crazy quest that almost took her life. She went out to Russia to find her boyfriend Dimitri who has turned into a strigoi, a non-living vampire, and kill him. On her mission she meets a lot of people, like her boyfriend’s family, as well as Dimitri. It takes everything that she has to conquer him… but does she? Meanwhile back at school her best friend Lissa is going through some things as well. She is being manipulated, and it’s Rose that saves the day… from Russia, her character is pretty badass. The novel was really well written; the plotline was infectious from the first page. The sub-plotlines made the novel that much more readable. And that ending, the author just dumps it on the reader therefore more is to come.

Book Five 

Spirit Bound
Spirit Bound

Spirit Bound: The fifth novel in the Vampire Academy series. In this novel our main character Rose Hathaway has some crazy plans up her sleeves. She hopes to accomplish something that has never been done before; turn a strigoi, a dead vampire, back into a dhampir, a human with vampire blood running in them. It just sounds crazy, but can she do it? Knowing Rose, anything can be done, and this novel proves it. The ending throws readers through a loop because it comes out of left field, and you’re just dying to know what is going to happen next, but of course the novel ends. The plotlines were all well thought out, and really well executed. The characters grow on you, so when something happens to them the reader feels it. Overall, it’s a great follow up novel that keeps the series going!

Book Six 

Last Sacrifice
Last Sacrifice

Last Sacrifice: The sixth and final novel in the Vampire Academy series. Rose has been accused of murdering the Queen; knowing that she’s innocent her friends break her out of jail to prove it. During the process Rose learns that her best friend Lissa may have a sibling she doesn’t know about. These two plotlines run and intertwine with each other to give the novel, and the series, a happily ever after. This novel had a more complex plotline than the novels previous, which is what made it so entertaining to follow. This novel was written, it felt, a little poorer than the others; spelling mistakes could be found that have never been seen before in a Mead novel. That distracts the reader a bit, but other than that the series was a very creative one that wasn’t boring, and the characters actually felt real and dimensional.


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