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Review: Fall Out Boy- American Beauty/American Psycho

I know I’m almost a month late to this party, but I’ve been too busy enjoying this album. All I want to do is listen to it. It’s so catchy that you can’t help but want to listen to it over and over again… this should give you some indication on where the review is going.

American Beauty/American Psycho
American Beauty/American Psycho

Fall Out Boy- American Beauty/American Psycho: Fall Out Boy’s sixth album, and it’s as good as any, if not better. The album opens with Irresistible, a song that is just as its title suggests is irresistible. The viruses’ are punchy followed by catchy hooks that leave the listener wanting more. American Beauty/American Psycho has Stump’s voice in different ranges, mix that with the lyrics and you’ve got yourself a fun track that you can’t help move to. Centuries, the album’s first single is mediocre compared to some of the songs on the rest of this album, The chorus gets a little annoying after being repeated quite a few times. It’s a great song, but could tone down on the chorus. Uma Thurman is another hit song that is sure to get anyone on their feet. Even though Stump is practically yelling the lyrics during the chorus it works for the song. Jack Pack Blues is a slower song and in fact the only slow song on this album. Stump is crooning to his long lost girl to come home. It’s really sweet. The chorus looses the slowness, and the drums really kick in, giving the song a swift kick, and a good punch. Novocaine sounds like a rejected Save Rock and Roll song. It doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the songs, it’s got a different feel; more of a punk feel, while the rest of the album has a poppier feel. The album ends with Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel In NYC) where Stump sings really fast, and the melody almost sounds grim as he sings about death, and skeletons. Overall, the new album has a very upbeat vibe, even if the lyrics are bleak. It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re a Fall Out Boy fan, or if you love pop music.

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