January is totally 80s month!

January 2015
January 2015

I’m slowly getting my new blog in tip-top shape!

In 2015 I decided to change things up in my life, and in my blogs; I’m adding a theme to every month. So this past January was 80s month. I watched as many classic 80s films as I could. I hope you all can agree that these are some great 80s films, and if you haven’t seen some of these films, maybe it will inspire you to watch a few or more.

Back to The Future: When a doctor invents a car that can travel back in time, you have to travel back in time! Marty is a teenager whose friends with the doctor that invents the car, which takes him back in time to the year 1955, 30 years into the past when the doc first thought of the idea. From there Marty must locate the doctor to help send him back into the present. While he’s in the past he interferes with his parents and how they met, so Marty spends his week in 1955 trying to get his parents to meet and fall in love so that he exists. It’s an extremely well thought out plotline that has the viewer questioning the whole movie what is going to happen next. The acting was on point, and really well done. Overall, it was a well-put together film.

Back to the Future Part II: The second film in the series where we pick up right where we left off. Marty and the doctor head 30 years into the future to save Marty & Jennifer’s son. We spend roughly 20 minutes in the space-filled 2015, where half of that stuff still doesn’t exist. The rest of the movie takes place in 1985 and 1955 to stop things from changing in the future. The whole film is a snowball effect; once one thing happens in the past, it changes what will happen in the future so they have to go back and try to fix it. This film wasn’t as good as the first. It was a bit confusing to keep up with what was going on, the plotline for this film intermingled with the previous movie a lot, making the viewer feel like they were watching the first all over again. Overall, it shouldn’t have had so much of the previous film, and spent more time in the future.

Back to the Future Part III: Third and last installment in the Back to the Future trilogy. Still continuing where we left off, Marty is convinced he needs to go back and save doc from being killed in 1885. The film is then transported to 1885, the mid west. Doc and Marty spend their time trying to stay alive so that the future doesn’t come true, all while trying to get back to 1985. Meanwhile Doc falls in love, and there is a romantic plot twist. The main plotline for this film is a lot better than the second, but not as good as the first. This film felt like it had a separate plot that still related to the whole series. The acting was still really well done; actors played their parts well. Overall, it was a great series that really makes you think about the future.

Pretty In Pink: The story of Andie, your average teenage girl, she wants to look pretty, and get the boy; only in her case the boy is a “richie” meaning he has a lot of money. Blane is into Andie, and Andie is into him, but a friend talks Blane out of asking her to prom because she isn’t rich. Determined to make a splash at prom, Andie makes her own dress to surprise everyone. It’s a great movie with a great moral; it’s not all about money. The actors in this film were great at playing their roles, especially John Cryer in his role as Duckie, who made the movie colourful and full of life. The plotline was a little slow moving, but once it proceeded towards the end it really took off. Overall the film is a classic that still holds up today, almost 30 years later.

Sixteen Candles: Samantha’s 16th birthday has come, and with all the commotion with her sister’s wedding, her family has forgotten. She spends her birthday with the nerdiest boy in school hitting on her, while her crush Jake has no idea she exists. It’s a very typical teenage girl film where everything works out in the end, and she gets the boy. The plotline was very entertaining with grandparents, and a foreign exchange student to spice up the plot; it sure made for a funny film! Overall the film was extremely funny and never boring, there was always something happening!

Risky Business: Starring Tom Cruise as Joel, a teenage boy who is left home alone for the week starts up a risky business. When a call to a call girl goes horribly awry, Joel needs to earn some cash, quickly. He starts up a business that lands him a spot in an Ivy League college. It’s a crazy ride of a film that has the viewer on the edge of their seat the whole way through. The plotline never dulls, and it’s always one thing after another. Car chases, sex, and a bunch of disaster, it all makes for a widely entertaining movie. The music in certain scenes, probably the most memorable ones, was on point and really well thought out, but the rest of the film lagged in film score. At some points it was actually annoying. Overall, the film was really well done, never boring, and very funny.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High: It’s a film based around the lives of a couple of teenagers trying to make it through their teen years. You have teens learning about sex for the first time, and part time jobs, a stoner who’s stoned the entire time, which was some interesting and hilarious acting from Sean Penn, and dealing with abortion. Pretty much all the classic things teens go through were covered in this film. It was an interesting movie, the plotline bounced around a lot from storyline to storyline, but the viewer still had a sense of what was going on without being confused. There was always music in this movie, and sometimes it worked really well, but sometimes it was distracting from the scene. Overall, it was a funny film portraying teen lives, which some of it was a little unrealistic, but when you look past that, it was still a good movie.

Footloose: Rem, who is played by Kevin Bacon, and his mother are new to a small town. In this town the pastor runs the people, enforcing laws against music, and dancing. Rem is a dancer, he tries very hard to fit into the town, but everyone is against him, so he has to break out and try to win a dance for the seniors. It’s a film about what’s right and wrong, and about growing up. Kids learning to grow up, and about parents learning they can’t always protect them. It’s a great movie filled with lots of dancing that makes the viewer want to dance. The acting was also really good, which made it that much more enjoyable to watch. Overall, it was a really well made film.

Stand By Me: The story of four boys who hear about a dead body in the woods and have to check it out. They spend two days on a wild adventure, as one thing after another starts happening to them. Each of them is going through something, and as the film continues, they slowly come to terms with what life has dealt them. It’s a film about growing up, and the friends you have when you’re a kid. It truly is a great film that has significant morals that can still be related to by today’s youth. The acting at times seemed a little over the top, especially when they had to cry, it looked very forced, but overall the film was really well done. Some great acting from Kiefer Sutherland was in this film as well. Overall, this film is definitely worth watching, no matter how old you are.

Heathers: Veronica has managed to land herself in the popular Heather group at school. When her Heather friends start to get on her nerves, she becomes friends with the wrong guy, JD, and things spiral out of control. One fake suicide after another, and Veronica just wants her life back. She sets out to stop JD, but he’s after everyone in the whole school because no one ever loved him. It’s a film not only about suicide, but a film about acceptance, and accepting people for who they are, not by how popular they are. In this film Veronica finds that out the hard way, but by the end she does figure it out. Very powerful message on how fragile a person is as well, and the meaning of a human life. Overall, a well-done film, the acting was really well done, Winona Ryder plays Veronica with such passion, and it’s definitely worth watching.

The Goonies: A group of kids, calling themselves the Goonies, find a treasure map in their attic set out on an adventure to find this long lost treasure. If they find the treasure, it could save them from having to sell over their house so a golf course can be built. On their way they run into a couple of bad guys and their mother. The bad guys end up chasing them all the way until they find the treasure, where they would rather save their lives then take the treasure. The film is full of adventure and mystery. The plot moved with efficiency, and there was never a dull moment. The main actors were all kids who played their parts well, and acted well. Overall, it was a great adventure movie that anyone can enjoy!


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