Hello World

Hello! And welcome to my new blog! It’s 2015, I need a fresh start to the new year, and why not start with a blog? Okay so this blog isn’t new, I’ve been writing a blog called ‘Life Through Meghan’ for quite some time (4 years to be exact) on site called buzznet.com. That site has been acting up, so I’ve decided to re-vamp my blog for this year and start somewhere new and fresh!

So what do my blogs contain? Well a little pop culture, a lot of reviews. I review books that I read, movies I watch, and albums I buy. If this sounds like your type of blog, then by all means, please read and like away!

A little about me: My name’s Meghan, hi! I’m a fourth year journalism student (last year booya!) at the University of Guelph-Humber. I’m currently an intern at a Canadian magazine called Canadian Living where I’m an editorial intern. I’m also a writer and copy-editor on my school’s magazine Emerge. If you can’t tell I really want to work in magazine. I crave a good book, but will read anything that’s in front of me. Music is life, and movies are the classic way to escape the real-life drama, who doesn’t love them?


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